Beef & Broccoli Stir Fry

I think most cooks don’t need a recipe for stir fry, but I do.  I tried this one from What Megan’s Making:  I found this to be good but very much on the salty side after marinating the beef overnight as a make-ahead for the week, instead of the called-for 30 minutes. I’ll know to omit the salt in the future if I do it that way again.

My other modifications next time will be to follow directions and remove the garlic before adding the beef and broccoli (I think the garlic got burnt and gave the whole dish a faint but unpleasant bitterness), mince the garlic instead of slicing it as called for in the original recipe, and to add a cup of water during the cooking process, as it was dry/about-to-burn looking when it was cooking. A solution could have been to add oil but I don’t like to use too much oil, and plus the added water would create a nice sauce.

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